Thursday, November 5, 2009

Update on Urangoo

Many of you have asked about how Urangoo is doing. She appreciates your continuing interest and love. She is out of the hospital and has been staying with Otgo Carter's family for the past two weeks. She can't have many guests since her immune system is not strong. It is just a matter of time before the cancer returns and she will need further treatment. LDS Hospial has been reaching out to a Hospital in India in hopes of further treatment there for a much lower cost.

Here are the amounts that have been raised as of today 11/05/2009:

This web site: $28435.61
UVU international council: $ 3040.50
Kung Fu Show: $ 4125.00
Chicago concert for Urangoo: $ 2735.00
Matsu Restaurant Fundraiser: $ 4500.00

Total of $42836.11 Even if Urangoo goes to India this is still not enough money for treatment there. We do appreciate all the support thus far. Please keep spreading the word and attaching this link for KSL video:

Thanks and god bless.


  1. I wanted to thank and greatful of Otgo and her family giving all they have to Urangoo. And everyone else who has been putting their hours and helping her to get where she needed to be aslo those whoa are donated they money. Because of you all she will make it. All of you are great people God will bless you all.
    Urangoo stay strong and keep your hopes high. You will make it through. God be on your side always. Love you. :)

  2. How much would it be for the treatment in India?

  3. We have been told a bone marrow transplant in India would be over $100,000. That may not include additional Chemotherapy needed. Urangoo just received bills from LDS hospital (although we have been told she does not need to pay them) that total $324,000 for one Chemotherapy treatment, her stay, time in ICU, drugs, etc. The point is that costs for medical always seem to be higher than planned. So we all need to keep trying to raise as much as possible.

  4. We will still work for it!

  5. I am doing everything I can think of to help raise money personally for Urangoo. I would love it if you could add maybe a stat showing updated amount of money raised. I think it would help keep people pushing.

    Urangoo. You don't know me, but I am praying for you. Keep strong. You will get your bone marrow transplant.

  6. You don't know me, but I am touched by this story! My Mongolian friend Bayra Garfield sent your story to me! Can I start a Facebook page for Urangoo? If so, I need a pic of her... Is that alright?

    Keep up the good thoughts and God bless!
    Katie Riggs

  7. Sain bainu, Japand bidnii heseg naizuud Urangood handiv tsugluulj ehleed baigaa.

    Bidnii hiih gej bui bas neg zuil bol ene blog-g Japan-r orchuulaad, Japand baidag myanga myangan humuust torloh heleer ni enehuu medeelliig hurgej, baga ch gesen handiv tsugluulahiig zorij bn. Tegeed zovshoorol avah gesen yum, bas blogtoo Urangoo-n zurgiig tavij boloh talaar helj ogooch. Medeej Japan hel deerh blogt ene blog-n link-g bairshuulah zamaar olon humuust hurgehiig zorij baiga yum.

    Baga ch gesen setgeliin dem boloh bolov uu gej naidaj baina. Hariu huleej baiy!

    Hundetgesen G

  8. Dear Urangoo,

    I heard your story on KSL and decided I can do something to help. So, I went to work and made everyone contribute something. It isn't a significant amount but it will hopefully help. We are all pulling for you. You must keep up the fight and overcome this.
    Best wishes!

  9. Khan Bank 540 543 4400-nii dansny ner n yu bilee?

  10. Dear Urangoo, I live in Oakland and heard your story yesterday from a friend over my birthday dinner. I feel deeply sad about your ordeal, yet deeply hopeful for the possibilities of you getting all the treatments you need in time, and get the cure once and all. I do feel that personal donations will make a dent. However, I know that there is so much more I can do if I do not stop here, but keep searching for ways to raise more money. Keep strong!

  11. Urangoo,
    bi chinii tuxai facebook -s sonsson. Tegeed emchelgeend chin tuslaxeeg xusch California Mongolian Community Association tai xamtarch xandiviin event zoxion baiguulj baigaa. Ene online invitation. Asuux zul baival asuugaarai. Tsugluulsan mongoo chinii dansluu xeeie esvel money order ni deeruu?

    Xurdan edgeereiree.

  12. please put donation amount raised in mongolia through khan bank. respect the ppl who have donated in mongolia. i know the amount is more than 50,000.00 usd. and i'm sure they are still donating.